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Commercial Insurance

Customized Commercial Plans
We understand that different businesses have vastly different needs.

Our team of professionals will help your organization assess your risks to create comprehensive insurance and risk management programs. We will then work with you to determine your specific insurance needs and implement the right coverage. The process ensures your business is safeguarded and reduces your liability at a cost-effective price. We work hand in hand with a substantial network of professionals in hundreds of industries to evaluate business operations to design these effective risk coverage solutions for a wide array of business specialties. With our strong carrier relationships, it allows us to provide the highest level of protection at a competitive cost.

As fellow business owners, we understand that it takes many assets and years of work to successfully grow your company. Commercial Property Insurance protects your company’s property from fires, natural disasters, and theft. Contact Waterstone Insurance Agency today to protect your business’s assets through tomorrow.

If you are running a business, then you are probably aware of the many claims that could possibly arise from damage to products, services, or operations. General Liability Insurance can protect you from a hefty lawsuit. Call Waterstone Insurance to ensure you have customized liability insurance that perfectly aligns with your services.

Professional Liability Insurance is a policy that covers minor errors and omissions made by your business that may have major impacts. These mistakes can possibly cost your business thousands, which is why it’s so important to have a customized plan in place. Ask Waterstone how we can help!

An important part of business operations involves the transportation of products or materials. Waterstone’s Inland Marine Insurance helps cover any damage along the way when products are transported on land, via truck or train. Contact Waterstone Insurance today to see how.

While product defects may seem rare, just one slip up could leave your business liable in a lawsuit. Product Liability Insurance covers your business against any injuries or property damage a product might cause. Let Waterstone Insurance create a custom liability plan based on your products.

If you are a building owner, there is a large amount of risk to sublease your property. Waterstone Insurance helps alleviate that risk with customized plans that fit your assets. Contact us today! 

If your job requires you to haul considerable weight, consider Commercial Auto Insurance. This type of coverage is perfect for those who conduct business out of their vehicle. Contact Waterstone Insurance today to see if your coverage matches your workload.

Workers Compensation Insurance covers potential wage losses, medical expenses, and assistance to employee families if an injury occurs on the job. If your business is considered high risk, it is important to have this insurance plan in place. Schedule a call with Waterstone Insurance Agency today to get a quote!

Sometimes customized insurance plans just aren’t enough. Consider Commercial Umbrella Insurance to provide an extra layer of protection to cover business liability costs. Waterstone Insurance will be able to evaluate your current plans and determine if an umbrella policy is necessary.

Commercial Crime Insurance can cover your business from losses that may occur from employee theft, robbery, online hacking, and forgery. While businesses aim to avoid this, sometimes criminal activity is unavoidable. Ask Waterstone Insurance which customized policy your company needs to stay protected.

It’s not a matter of “if” equipment will break down, it’s a matter of “when”. Boiler and Machinery Insurance covers any physical damage to equipment including boilers, furnaces, HVAC systems, and office tools. Let Waterstone create a plan before a breakdown happens.

If your company offers Surety Bonds, it’s extremely important to ensure that payment never falls through. Contact Waterstone Insurance to lock in your funds.

Michigan is home to many events hosted by businesses including Lakeshore Art Festival, National Cherry Festival, and more. If your business plans on hosting an event, consider Special Event Insurance to protect your company from any lawsuits that may arise from bodily injury or property damage.

Is your business interested in a customized insurance plan? Let Waterstone Insurance Agency help! We are able to tailor insurance plans to your unique needs. Contact us today to get more information.


We understand shopping for insurance can be frustrating. We’re here to validate your needs and help you find coverage.


Does one of our policies no longer fit your needs? No problem! We have your back no matter what changes you may need to make.

I’m a new business owner. How do I get started?

Contact a Waterstone Insurance expert to discuss what commercial insurance is necessary to get your business off the ground while following Michigan laws and regulations.


How do I know which insurance policy to choose for my business?

Different businesses require different types of insurance depending on day-to-day operational activities. From covering the shipment of products to protecting employees, Waterstone will help you navigate which commercial insurance is necessary.


What does the word “commercial” mean when referring to business coverage?

Commercial just refers to the type of insurance that is not government-administered or mandated. Commercial insurance is typically given by both non- and for-profit companies as an added benefit to protect employees.


I have a unique situation. Will I still be covered?

Of course! Waterstone Insurance plans are easily customizable to your unique situation. Contact us today to discuss your current needs with one of our insurance experts.