We Have a Full Range of Employee Benefit Plans


Customized Benefits
We can create customized benefit plans to help take care of you and your family.

Waterstone Insurance Agency offers a full range of employee benefit plans. We will design a benefit package that meets the financial and benefit needs of your employees and adds value to your company. In addition to the employee benefit plans, Waterstone offers individual health and life products that will meet your individual needs.

Here at Waterstone Insurance Agency, we understand that healthy employees help boost productivity and team morale. That’s why we offer comprehensive health benefit plans customized for your hard workers and their individualized needs. Contact us today to get a quote on coverage.

If your business is able to provide Life Insurance Plans, it can be a huge benefit during the duration of employment. Our tailored plans will get you up and running with a customized policy in no time. Ask Waterstone how we can help.

AD&D stands for “Accidental Death and Dismemberment”, and is a form of added protection on current life insurance policies where the loss of life is considered an accident. Consider implementing AD&D Insurance to pay beneficiaries. Ask Waterstone Insurance how it can work for your business.

Dental health is an important part of overall positive well-being. Help your employees pearly whites stay healthy, and offer them coverage for when dental issues arise. Contact Waterstone Insurance Agency to create a customized Dental Insurance plan to cover regular cleanings, elective surgeries, and more.

Eyecare coverage should be an important element of your company’s employee benefits. Vision Insurance Benefits can provide your company with the best choices in optometrists and the highest variety of covered contacts and glasses. Waterstone Insurance can get your business a customized quote to provide the best recommendations in eye care coverage.

Disability Insurance can be a great added benefit to your company’s overall healthcare plans. This type of insurance will provide income to an employee in the event they may not be able to perform their work and earn money due to a disability.

When experiencing a prolonged or chronic health issue, long-term care is necessary to cover bills not covered by health insurance. Let Waterstone Insurance evaluate current employee health plans and determine if adding on long-term care is right for your business. Call us today to get started.

While Medicare and Medicaid can help cover bills, there are still many expenses that may remain including copays and deductibles. Waterstone Insurance’s Medicare Supplements plans may help take care of some of those additional costs. Contact us today to evaluate your current plan for employees and let us help you decide if assistance is needed.

Don’t see an employee insurance benefit plan listed? No problem! Waterstone Insurance Agency is able to create a customized plan fit for your company’s individualized needs. Contact us today and we’ll talk tomorrow!


How often can I change my health insurance coverage plan?

To change your health insurance, a life event like marriage, death, or the birth of a child needs to occur. Open enrollment periods also allow you to change your coverage.


How does my company determine which health insurance plan is best?

We work directly with employers to determine which level of coverage fits the workforce needs. If you are in search of an adjusted health insurance plan, contact Waterstone Insurance today.


Is supplemental insurance necessary?

No, supplemental insurance is not necessary. However, it can help fill in the cracks that your current plan may not cover. If your unique situation requires more coverage, contact Waterstone Insurance today to determine which supplemental insurance is needed.


What if I have questions about my benefits plan?

Waterstone Insurance is here to answer all the questions you may have about your current benefits plan! Contact us today, no appointment necessary.